Hoerkolumnen.ch is a Swiss podcast that features well-known columnists like Peter Schneider of the SonntagsZeitung and Gion Mathias Cavelty of Weltwoche regularly reading their work. In February 2007, it was named the Best Swiss Podcast by the magazine «anthrazit». It offers a range of podcasts drawn from various publishing houses that can be downloaded for free by subscribing to www.hoerkolumnen.ch. The podcasts on Hoerkolumnen.ch can be downloaded and listened to at home on a personal computer, on a stereo system or on the go with an iPod. Hoerkolumnen.ch is aimed at a young, technologically-savvy audience who are interested in high-quality, thought-provoking content. Our authors include:

Hoerkolumnen.ch offers a new audio column every day and exploits the opportunities offered by the podcasting format. The service is fast and «on demand», it can be tailored to the user’s individual preferences and it is cost-effective as well as being ecologically neutral. The Hoerkolumnen.ch podcasts are like radio-show segments that can be listened to wherever and whenever the user wants. On a technical level, Hoerkolumnen.ch uses open standards: the user automatically receives the latest episodes as MP3 files via a personalised XML-feed. The files can be organised and played easily in Apple’s iTunes software.